We believe that highly skilled and trained workforce is critical to the sustainability of our company. We operate extensive career enhancement programmes that serve not only to ensure that our employee is constantly learning and improving, but also that all our people have the opportunity to be motivated, to develop and to satisfy their ambition to have a rewarding working life. Furthermore training programmes convey our core values, enhance worker’s belonging providing our customers with an excellent service.

We take learning and development very seriously because we believe that

Increase professional personal well-being
Improves individual operational capabilities

Create a sense of belonging and feelings of confidence

Increase Quality and Safety
Increase productivity

In Termisol Termica we offer to all our employees personalized training programs that take into account skills, previous experience and professional profile. Our training programs fully meet law requirements and provide extra-courses on safety, quality and environment with lectures, meeting and on-site training. Courses are taught by qualified trainers and are planned to encourage an active involvement. Each employee training is targeted and ongoing, to ensure a costant professional growth. Training results are analyzed in detail to assess satisfaction, effectiveness and improvements.

Our training programs include
New employee’s training
Safety courses
Qualification courses
Refresher courses
Collective training and on-site training
Courses and seminars in outsourcing