Protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities in which we operate is our primary goal. Our actions meet and when possible exceed law requirements ensuring outstanding safety standards and preserving the environment. It is our belief that all unsafe acts, injuries and work-related ill are preventable by proper safety training, clear rules and procedures, correct equipment and PPE, hazard assessments, planning, communication, and sound management. Our Safety Management System is compliant to ISO 45001 requirements.

Our Safety Policy detailes the objectives we have set ourselves and the strict procedures and instructions that we observe in the various activities.
It is all Managers’s responsibility to ensure everything which is reasonable practicable to prevent personal injury in the process of production, design, construction and operation of all equipment and machinery. All operations are carried out by a highly qualified and trained personnel as the construction of any work is planned in the best way, so that everything runs safely. It is the responsibility of all employees to act in a reasonable and safe manner and to do everything which is reasonably practicable to prevent injury to themselves or others affected by their acts or omissions. Individual employees have legal duties to take care of their own and other’s safety and co-operate with management in meeting their obligations. Everyone who works in our field must recognize this personal responsibility and act accordingly.

Our Safety department is constantly engaged in the research of new working procedures and strategies with the scope to reduce the origin of the risks, in addition to the specification of advanced safety devices, referring to the specific requirements of our work. Safety programmes and intensive training support HSE awareness throughout our company.
Our ambition is to be the safest company in our sector. This is a challenge that we are determined to achieve. The long-term goal is to have zero accidents and occupational diseases – first aid, medical care, accidents and property damages. So we work intensively to create a positive Safety culture and to enhance our performances.

Benefits for our customers

Because we focus on safety at the onset of each project, we minimize the risk for all involved. That result is reflected in our low, industry-leading EMR. Our Low EMR translates into customer benefits: