Terms of Use and privacy policy

Referring to the European Law General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) we provide the following information regarding the processing of your data on the website www.termisol.com
According to the law, the treatment will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of your privacy and your rights. More information on the Privacy Policy page of the site.

1. Aims of treatment

All data submitted by the parties concerned are used only for purposes related to business in particular:

2. Treatment

Data will be effected with manual and automatic systems used to memorize, manage and transmit data with logic strictly related to the purposes, based on the data in our possession and with a commitment from you to immediately communicate any corrections, additions and / or updates. Data are treated by the staff of Termisol Termica SRL. Data will not be disclosed.

3. Data communication and dissemination

Data will not be communicated and / or disseminated to organizations, institutions and external organizations to Termisol Termica except for the fulfillment of obligations by contract or law. Your data will be transmitted:

4. Contribution

Data entry is optional, but the possible lack of data marked by the symbol (*) will make it impossible for Termisol Termica SRL to act on your request. Any non- communication or miscommunication, one of the information set has the following consequences:

5. Data holder

The data holder is :

Termisol Termica SRL
Via dell’Artigianato 79/81
PI: 00892980491
Codisce Fiscale: 00727770281
Phone +39 0586 423 623
Fax +39 0586 423 022

You can contact the data holder at any time to assert your rights, as provided for in Article 13 of Law no . 675/96 (Italian Law), sending an email to info@termisol.com or through the contact form on the website.